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    Does My Child Need a Space Maintainer?

    Little boy playing in a yellow flower fieldSmall children explore the world with boundless energy and fearlessness, but sometimes their sense of adventure results in a mouth injury. When a baby tooth is knocked out in an injury or extracted because of advanced tooth decay, your Manhasset children’s dentist Dr. Kimmy may recommend a space maintainer. A kids’ space maintainer is a dental appliance made of acrylic or metal that maintains a space for a permanent tooth to erupt. In today’s blog Dr. Kimmy discusses space maintainers and how they may benefit your child.

    Space Maintainers: Saving a Spot for Permanent Teeth

    Baby teeth are more important than most realize. Baby teeth guide the path of permanent teeth to prevent crowding and crooked teeth. After a child loses a baby tooth, surrounding teeth may shift into the space left behind by the lost tooth. When the permanent tooth later erupts, teeth may become crowded and require orthodontic treatment. Each case is different, and Dr. Kimmy evaluates each child individually to determine is a space maintainer is appropriate.

    Caring for a Kids’ Space Maintainer

    Dr. Kimmy’s space maintainers are custom-fitted for your child. Dr. Kimmy places fixed and removable space maintainers. Some parents may prefer that their child use a fixed space maintainer so that it will not be misplaced. Fixed space maintainers are attached with dental cement. Dr. Kimmy advises patients to avoid chewy or sugary foods because those foods tend to loosen the cement used in fixed space maintainers. She also asks that parents monitor their children to be sure they are not pressing on the space maintainer with their fingers or tongue because they may inadvertently bend it. If a fixed maintainer falls out, store it in a safe container and call our office to set up an appointment. Dr. Kimmy should be able to re-cement the appliance if it hasn’t sustained damage.

    About your Manhasset Dentist

    Dr. Kimmy Soleimani is a board-certified pediatric dentist with years of experience. Being a mom herself, she knows how to calm the nervous child and put her at ease. To schedule a consultation, call us at 516-365-4-KID. Dr. Kimberly Soleimani serves Manhasset, Great Neck, Roslyn, and Port Washington families from our Manhasset dental office. We welcome new patients and are happy to accept most major PPOs.

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