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    Preparing Your Child For Her First Dental Visit

    first dental visitA visit with Manhasset pediatric dentist Dr. Kimmy is fun and educational. She teaches you and your child ways to maintain a happy, healthy smile. Your child’s first dental visit should happen before he or she is a year old, but oral hygiene should begin before that. Dr. Kimmy recommends that parents use a clean cloth to gently wipe the surface of the baby’s gums to remove bacteria. This provides a clean environment for teeth to erupt, when the times comes.

    Before your child’s appointment, use positive words to excite him or her for the upcoming dental visit. You can say something similar to, “Are you ready to have fun with Dr. Kimmy?”

    For more information about creating a positive first dental visit with Dr. Kimmy, call 516-365-4KID to speak with a friendly staff member today.

    You’re the Biggest Influencer

    You play a key role in whether or not your child enjoys attending dental visits. Dr. Kimmy suggests that parents speak positively when referring to the upcoming appointment. A great way to encourage a happy first dental visit is to bring your child along to your own appointment.

    To prepare your child for their happy visit, begin practicing good oral hygiene habits at home. Let your child pick out a fun toothbrush. For example, one that has her favorite movie character on the handle. There are also colorful, fun-flavored toothpastes that can make brushing fun for children.

    Use Positive Words

    Dr. Kimmy believes that the best way to prepare for the first dental visit is to use happy words. You can say things, such as:

    • You’re going to love the tooth doctor!
    • We’re going to have fun with Dr. Kimmy and meet new friends.
    • Do you want to learn about sugar bugs (cavities)?
    • You can tell Dr. Kimmy all about your new toothbrush.

    Check Out Educational Websites

    Dr. Kimmy recommends visiting educational websites to help prepare your child for their visit. Some sites have interactive games and stories to excite your little one.

    Here are some of our favorite children dentistry websites:

    • mouthhealthykids.org
    • smartpractice.com
    • healthyteeth.org
    • dentists4kids.com

    These sites have games, quizzes, printable coloring sheets, and brushing charts. You can also read dental books with your child’s favorite characters. Our favorites are Elmo Visits the Dentist and Dora Goes to the Dentist.

    Sesame Street also has some episodes on dental visits. Dr. Kimmy recommends watching some of these with your child to prepare him or her for a fun first dental visit.

    What We Can Do to Help

    Aside from things you can do to prepare for an enjoyable visit, there are things that we do to help. When you walk into our office, a friendly, outgoing staff member will greet you. We provide games, toys, magazines, and movies to entertain children while they’re in the waiting room.

    During the examination, Dr. Kimmy maintains a positive, upbeat demeanor. She loves children, but even more so, she enjoys teaching children about oral hygiene. You can expect to learn proper brushing and flossing techniques. Dr. Kimmy will examine each tooth and the health of your child’s gums and jawbone.

    Dr. Kimmy has created a fun way to explain cavities to children by using the term “sugar bugs.” Her theory is that the “sugar bugs” go potty and their waste is what create the cavity. During the visit, she will check your child’s mouth for cavities and recommend treatment if needed.

    Schedule your child’s first dental visit with Dr. Kimmy today, call 516-365-4KID.

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