teen-girl-and-boyDr. Kimmy prioritizes her own continuing education, so you can count on modern, quality pediatric dentistry in our office. If your child needs a dental filling, crown, or other restorations, we will make the process comfortable and rewarding. Treating these issues early can prevent the need for more invasive treatments later, after damage progresses. Remember, human teeth won’t heal naturally. They require a dentist’s expertise to re-establish health, comfortable function, and durability.


Common restorative dentistry for children include:

  • Pre-cavity treatment to prevent decay growth
  • Fillings or crowns for damaged teeth
  • Gingivitis or gum disease treatments
  • Extractions for teeth that won’t erupt
  • Sealants to deter cavities on back teeth
  • Space maintainers, palatial expanders, and other early orthodontic treatments
  • Habit-breaking appliances for thumb sucking or tongue thrusting
  • Correcting trauma to primary or permanent teeth
  • Splinting for dental luxation (to re-attach a tooth that has dislodged)


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