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    Strange Dental Facts to Share with Your Children

    dog with a weird smileKnowledge is power, they say. Here’s a treasure trove of unusual dental knowledge to share with your children to help them feel empowered and enlightened, while keeping dental health on their minds.

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    Animal Fun

    • The Chihuahua breed of dog has somewhat soft teeth, making them prone to tooth decay. Chihuahua owners are encouraged to brush their dogs’ teeth daily.
    • The Nile crocodile doesn’t need to brush his teeth, the crocodile bird flies into his mouth and cleans his teeth for him several times a day!
    • Narwhal and elephant tusks are actually teeth.
    • During an elephant’s life, he will grind down his molars while chewing and grow new ones about six times. Each molar can be 7 inches long and weigh six pounds!
    • We humans have two sets of teeth, but sharks have about 40 sets of teeth in their lives – they are constantly losing teeth and growing new ones.
    • Rats’ and other rodents’ two front teeth never stop growing. They must constantly bite and chew hard substances to keep the teeth from growing too long or growing upwards and stabbing their brains.

    Eww…that’s gross!

    • How would you like to jump into a swimming pool…full of spit? The amount of saliva you will produce in your life is approximately 25,000 quarts, which is enough to fill two swimming pools.
    • There are up to 300 different types of bacteria in the plaque that forms on your teeth. That’s just types. If you want to know how many actual bacterial organisms are living in your mouth right now, there’s no way to tell exactly—but it would be more than the number of people living on the entire Earth right now!
    • When you flush the toilet, particles can go airborne and travel up to six feet away from the toilet. Always close your toilet lid before you flush, especially in the bathroom with your toothbrush.

    Your Chompers

    • Your teeth and tongue prints (like finger prints) are 100% unique.
    • Tooth enamel is the 2nd hardest natural substance in the world, (diamonds are number 1).
    • About 5 million teeth are knocked out during sports activities each year. That’s a good reason to always wear a mouth guard when you play active sports.
    • Eating your dessert at the end of a meal is actually better for your teeth than eating it at the beginning. (See, there’s a reason you have to eat your vegetables first!)
    • In many Spanish speaking countries and cultures, it’s not the Tooth Fairy who takes away lost baby teeth, but Perez the Mouse, sometimes just called the “magic mouse.”
    • September 20th is “Love Your Teeth Day” in China.

    Historical Facts

    • It’s a commonly believed myth that George Washington had wooden teeth. In actuality, he had several different sets of dentures made from various materials, such as hippopotamus ivory, bone, gold wire, copper screws, lead, and even human teeth that had been bought off of the poor. He had problems with his teeth and gums all throughout his life and lost his first tooth at the young age of 24 years.
    • The White House has had its own dental office since the 1930s, so the President and his family never have to leave home when they have a dental emergency.
    • Orthodontics, or the practice of straightening teeth, actually began in 1728, when a French dentist published a book on methods to straighten teeth.
    • The first American woman dentist was Lucy B. Hobbs, who graduated from dental school in 1864.
    • Ancient Romans and Egyptians used gold and precious stones to fill cavities over 2000 years ago.
    • Wealthy people from the Maya civilization didn’t just fill cavities—they would actually drill holes in their teeth just so they could fill them with precious stones, such as rubies, emerald, and diamonds. Mouth jewelry!


    If you need a pediatric dentist, contact our Manhasset, New York dental office today at 516-365-4-KID to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kimmy!


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