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    How Sugar Bugs Cause Cavities – and How You Can Knock Them Out!

    Child with cavity holding mouthPediatric dentist in Manhasset, NY Dr. Kimmy blames sugar bugs for causing kid’s cavities. Sugar bugs are the combination of bacteria, sugars, and starches that leave acids in your child’s mouth, creating an harmful environment. Nobody wants excessive acid hanging around, so it’s important to defeat the sugar bugs with good oral hygiene. Dr. Kimmy stresses the importance of preventing sugar bugs and knocking them out with good oral hygiene and biannual dental checkups.

    Schedule your child’s oh so important preventative dental visit today with Dr. Kimmy in our Manhasset, NY office. Call 516-365-4-KID.

    What Causes Kids’ Cavities? 

    Sugar bugs are created when children eat sugary or starchy foods. Sodas and fruit juices can create sugar bugs, by leaving an unhealthy amount of sugar in your child’s mouth. It’s important to rinse with pure water after enjoying sugary foods and drinks to limit the bacteria left in your child’s mouth. The more sugar present, the more bacteria will feast and “poop out” harmful acids.  The waste from the bugs sits on teeth and causes holes, or cavities.

    The Importance of Dental Checkups

    Kid’s cavities can be painful; yet are easily managed and prevented with dental checkups. Preventative checkups with Dr. Kimmy are the number one way to knocking out sugar bugs. For older children, Dr. Kimmy will thoroughly clean your child’s teeth, after checking for signs of cavities and tooth decay.  We strive to teach the importance of good oral hygiene to our patients and most children really enjoy Dr. Kimmy’s kid-friendly techniques. Dr. Kimmy will explain to your child that the best way to knock out sugar bugs is to brush twice a day with a special toothbrush. She will also recommend the magical toothpastes that work best for eliminating the bugs.

    Knocking Out the Bugs

    Good oral hygiene will go a long way in preventing kid’s cavities. Dr. Kimmy can teach proper brushing and flossing techniques, however we’ll give you some good tips to get you started.

    Let your children pick out their own special toothbrush, we recommend showing them ones with their favorite character or activity on it. This will get them excited when it’s time to brush their teeth. Many children’s toothpastes come in fun colors or flavors-maybe try the bubblegum one! When it comes time for your child to brush his teeth in the morning and at night, use a stopwatch to encourage them to brush for a proper amount of time. To really prevent kids’ cavities, Dr. Kimmy suggests brushing for at least two minutes each time.

    Now it’s time to floss. This tedious act can be boring for children, so we encourage you to think of a fun way to psych them up for the act! Maybe floss your teeth with them or make up a fun flossing song. Whatever method you use to make it fun, be sure to reach between all of the individual teeth. Sugar bugs are great at hiding in hard- to-reach spots. Finish up the task by swishing with a yummy mouthwash for a minute.


    Many children gain access to fluoride through tap water. After the age of three, Dr. Kimmy recommends that children begin brushing with toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is an important part of demineralizing your child’s teeth. The acid left by sugar bugs causes the tooth enamel to wear down; fluoride can help rebuild the strength of the tooth enamel. Just be sure your child does not ingest too much fluoride, as it can be toxic in high doses, and can stain the adult teeth developing in children’s jaws.

    Don’t let sugar bugs take over your child’s mouth, schedule their appointment with Dr. Kimmy today to prevent kid’s cavities. Call 516-365-4-KID.

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