sugar-bugsSugar Bugs Cause Cavities

Sugary Foods, such as lollypops, that continuously expose teeth to an acidic atmosphere are much worse than a food in which ingestion takes place in one bite. When sugar is introduced, the salivary acidic PH is below the critical level (5.4) for which enamel will begin to break down and exhibit a cavitation. The longer the saliva is below the critical PH, the more likely a cavity will form.

The easy way to explain this chemical process to children is to inform them about a special bug, known as “sugar bugs.” These bugs love sugar and find it even in carbohydrates (simple sugars). Once ingested, these bugs, like children, must use the bathroom. Their “poop” comes in the form of something called acid, which eventually creates HOLES (or cavities). This truthful tale will get your child excited about fighting off the sugar bugs with a magical toothbrush and tooth paste.