What do I do when a child’s tooth is knocked out?

Do not panic. Remaining calm will help your child remain calm. If the lost tooth was an adult tooth, find it if you can. When children lose primary teeth, there is no urgency, and there is no need to visit the dentist unless the tooth broke off, leaving the root in the socket. If the lost, permanent tooth is dirty, you may gently rinse it under clean water, but do not touch or damage the root and nerve. Use a clean cloth to clean away blood from your child’s mouth, but do not apply pressure to the socket from which the tooth dislodged. The child can bite on clean gauze to stop bleeding. Place the tooth into a small container of the child’s saliva or regular milk. Take the child and the tooth to Dr. Kimmy’s office immediately. In some cases, a dislodged permanent tooth can be replaced and reattached.

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